Espionage Digital Dystopia Album Review

Espionage Digital Dystopia

Being a big power metal fan and a fan of Melbourne power metallers Espionage to say I was keen for there debut album is an understatement and when it landed in my Dropbox folder a week or so ago, I was not prepared for what I heard….
It opens with a Prelude To Power and it really is a prelude to power and the next 10 tracks are nothing short of power…

Enter The Arena is the first full track on the album and contains some of the best guitar solos I’ve heard in a long time, featuring Mark Furtner (LORD), Tim Brown (Striker), Brendan Farrugia (Envenomed) and Emir Hot (famous Bosnian shredder) to name a few and its face melting stuff, why settle for one solo when you can have 6 in a row hey Denis??
Next up is At Lightspeed We Strike, and that they do this one is a quick paced 3 minute rocker that in sure will go down well in the live set.

The solos and shredding don’t stop as Nightmare Approaches the shortest track on the album at just under 3 minutes, the title track Digital Dystopia really pushes Andrew (Frosty) Morris`s vocals hitting the extreme high notes time and time again.
Haunting Horror and Light Begins To Fade don’t let go and deliver the goods but for me Hellfire is the standout track on the album, big crushing chorus, drum rolls and solos all wrapped in a neat package

And with Lost In Space, Final Breath and Wartorn Atrocoties closing out the album will leave the traditional and power metal fans wanting more. All up its a solid album from start to finish and is well mixed too which really helps the band as there is a lot to hear on this release, and they’ve done a great job of producing their work to an amazing listen that has been on high rotation since i received it

Australia has been void of power metal bands of late with Black Majesty, Vanishing Point and Silent Knight being our biggest 3 with this album Espionage have definitely stamped their place in there as well.

Espionage are
Andrew Morris – Vocals & Bass
Denis Sudzuka – Guitar, backing vocals
Matt Carroll – Guitar, backing vocals
James Shelverton – Drums

Order the album HERE
Catch them at Legions of Steel Festival Melbourne June 2nd and Bangers & Thrash Festival Sydney June 8th for their album launch shows also on the Digital Dystopia tour