Lethal Vendetta – No Prisoners No Mercy Album Review

Lethal Vendetta – No Prisoners No Mercy Album Review

Having seen Lethal Vendetta LIVE on several occasions I was, along with many others very keen to hear them recorded, mixed, mastered and engineered, would they be able to capture that “live” energy on CD??

No Prisoners No Mercy is Lethal Vendetta and then some more……

Liam Donelan (lead) and Ben Drennan (rhythm) work together so well on this release complementing each other nicely especially in “Salute To The Gods”
Jay Burnham (bass) and Morris Markovic(drums) really keep the tempo running tightly, Id love to know how many sticks Morris used in the recording of this album as I have witness him go through 6 and more in a 30 minute set..

This has really captured them in there element, which for me is a live sound as I sit listening im easily taken to the Stag on a sweaty Friday or Saturday night,.

Brent Logan (vocals) has really delivered on this release showing a true vocal range that at times was lost in a live setting proving he can hit those high Halfordesque notes

Stand out tracks for me are Erasing Hate, Deserve To Die and Salute to The Gods which i’m sure will become a live anthem.

A solid album from start to end of good old school thrash very reminiscent of early Anthrax and Testament, I think those who have seen the guys live will really enjoy this and those that haven’t heard Lethal Vendetta before I feel they will be fans in a short amount of time…

Track Listing
01_Liars Dice

02_Erasing Hate

03_No Prisoners No Mercy

04_Deserve To Die

05_Plains Of Serenity

06_Salute To The Gods

07_Battle War Cry

08_Final Conflict

09_Race Is Only A Name
Pre Order the Album HERE

Liars Dice Film Clip 

Catch the guys in Wollongong Saturday 21st April with Hazmat and Thrash Bandicoot at Dicey Rileys

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