LiVE + The Tea Party @ ICC Theatre Sydney 01/03/18

LiVE + The Tea Party @ ICC Theatre Sydney 01/03/18

All Images © MickG Photography

Thanks to SGC Media and Unbreakable Touring

LiVE are just one of those bands that seem to be timeless, and having missed them in the mid 90’s was one big disappointment for me as they were the soundtrack to my life in the mid 90’s.

With the ICC Theatre filling steadily the growing crowd were treated to some great Canadian rock from The Tea Party, who debuted a new track Black River which went down exceptionally well with the Sydney crowd, with a couple of covers from U2 and The Rolling Stones, their set seemed over just as they were warming up..

Now time for LiVE and they did not disappoint in anyway shape or form, although the mix was a bit off and at times Ed’s vocals were completely over run by guitars…. But apart from that they showed no hint of slowing down, even 20+ years later with Ed Kowalczyk and Chad Taylor owning the stage in style..

With a set list loaded of the hits including All Over You, Dolphins Cry, I Alone, Lankinis Juice and my personal favourite Shit Towne, the strong Sydney crowd were treated to a great night of LiVE live..

Closing the show with a 5 song encore and ending the night with the classic Lighting Crashes, the guys took a well deserved bow and called it a night, leaving the Sydney crowd with some great memories im sure.

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