Ten Minutes With Dave Balfour from Metal Evilution

Hey Dave, thanks for your time mate, first up a little bit about you, what or who got you into heavy metal in the beginning? 

Always a pleasure Mick! I’m a passionate Heavy Metal fan and have been for the majority of my existence. KISS was the first heavyish band I obtained on record as a kid but it was a copy of IRON MAIDEN – Live After Death on cassette that hooked me and sealed my obsessive fate. The rest is history.

When and why did you start Metal Evilution? 

First official show was in December 2003 featuring DUNGEON but the idea was building a good 2 years before that. It started again purely for my desire to do more than just bang my head in the front row.hahaha I wanted to help the music I loved so much any way I could. It sounds really corny but Metal Evilution was and always will be only about helping promote the greatest style of music around.

You now promote and organise what a lot say is the best 2 day metal festival in Australia Steel Assassins in Sydney ,how did that all start? 

Who are these people and have they lost their collective minds?hahah

Again it started from the desire to do even more for Heavy Metal. After years of hosting shows and managing/booking bands I wanted an event that I hoped would become something a bit special for not only Sydney headbangers but nation wide. It was bold to even start it as a 2 day event from the get go but I think it paid off? Well it’s still going and growing so perhaps it really has?

This year marks the 6th year for Steel Assassins, it must get very hard selecting bands each year given that you don’t allow playing 2 years in a row, how do you select the bands from what must be a truckload of applications? 

6 years! Thanks Maniacs!!! The fans who turn up every year are the reason it has stayed and grown. Need to quickly thank every one of them!!

Incredibly hard! Sometimes I think bands who miss out can assume there is something wrong with them or that there is a political agenda but honestly the focus every year is to pick a mixture of current bands that are the best in the country plus the best of the new talent, an international guest or 2 and of course as many special reunions or rare appearances as I can get. The lineup needs to contain sets that won’t be seen every week or people will not get so excited, 

Away from Steel Assassins you book and promote several local shows a year, that must be getting harder and harder with the closure of venues in the city and surrounding suburbs, is it time to look to the outer suburbs now for venues?

 In a way yes I suppose but to be honest it’s always kind of been that way. Venues close and new avenues open. It may be true that Sydney has perhaps the least amount of options lately than in a long time but it will change again. That said, it is really important to take Metal to as many suburbs and towns as possible. There are Metal fans everywhere. I should know I have been almost everywhere.hahaha

Thanks for your time Dave, im sure ill catch you at a gig real soon.


Without a doubt Mick! Metal till death!!! Is that too MANOWAR??hahaha \m/

Steel Assassins Festival Facebook 

Metal Evilution Facebook

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