Voyager – Ghost Mile – 2017

Western Australia is home to many a great band but one that stands out from them all is Prog metal masters Voyager and their latest release is testament to that title they really are the Australian masters of Prog.

This album opens up with 3 tracks that really stand out for me they have it all including some death metal style growls from Danny Estrin in the opening track Ascension, followed by Misery Is only Company a very moody track that has all the right elements to be a great live track. The band kick it up several notches with Lifeline a quick tempo rocker that really gets you going.

The next 2 tracks are very Voyager a bit slower and very much in the true “prog” style with Danny’s voice haunting you from the beginning and somewhat mesmerising in a way.

The title track “Ghost Mile” kicks off in a very heavy style and soon picks up the pace and for me is the standout track of the album.

Ashley Doodkorte and Alex Canion (drums and bass) really give this album that heavier feel, while Simone Dow and Scott Kay work beautifully together complementing each other in true Voyager style.

For Voyager fans they will love it, it has everything you’d expect and more, while the heavier sound and faster paced sound will attract some new fans into the Voyager world.

You can pre order Ghost Mile HERE

And pay them a visit HERE

Also have a listen to Danny have a chat with Andy Dowling on his podcast HERE

Catch them LIVE on the Ghost Mile Australian tour in a city near you

Thursday 11th May – Adelaide
w/ Tony Font Show

Friday 12th May – Melbourne
w/ Windwaker

Saturday 13th May – Brisbane
w/ The Stranger

Friday 19th May – Perth
w/ Sparrow

Saturday 20th May – Canberra
w/ Immorium & Highview

Sunday 21st May – Sydney
w/ Hemina

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