10 Minutes with Tommy Adams of Gypsy


Hey Tommy cheers for your time mate, first up can you give us a brief history on GYPSY?

Hi Mick! GYPSY formed in January 2015. The three of us had jammed together on a few occasions previously but made it official in ’15. We spent the first year as a band playing at the Valve Bar once a month and entering the odd band comp here and there. This was intended to be our ‘practice year’. By the time 2016 came around, we knew exactly what we were doing; we knew every song and how to execute each track with exact precision. We have been doing this ever since.
For a band of young guys you have a very old school sound and influence, where did that come from, was it your parents or elsewhere?

I believe we all got our musical influence from our fathers coincidentally. With us all having the same taste it made us a lot easier to gel as a group.

You played last years Steel Assassins festival and seemed to have gathered a good fan base from it, whats on the horizon for GYPSY?

Hopefully to keep building and conquer the world so to speak! We’ll release a single or two this year and hopefully have accompanying tours organised to boot!


Who was you inspiration to pick up the guitar?

Steve Harris. I was originally a bass player but felt I could cover more ground melodically as a guitarist. Vocals just came out of lack of options, I was the only one willing to do the job! My song writing is inspired by NWOBHM and 70’s UK prog rock.

I see your also a music teacher at the School Of Rock Sutherland, how long have you been teaching and what do you teach?

I’ve just started in the last couple of weeks, basically since the grand opening. I’m teaching drums at the moment. I get a lot of people asking me why that it considering I’m known to be a guitarist, I sort of just fell into it, whacking stuff with sticks as a kid and messing around on friends’ drum kits. I have an electronic kit at home I like to play around with. Plus drum teachers seem to be the most required so it works well for me.


Thanks for your time mate hope to catch you at a GYPSY show soon

Thanks Mick.

GYPSY Facebook

GYPSY Bandcamp

Photos © MickG Photography

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