Ten Minutes With Tom Brockman Of Taberah


Hey Tom thanks for your time, when did the writing for the new album begin, and who were the main writers?

JB is constantly writing bits and pieces to be honest, and I believe he had been sitting on these tracks for a fair while. Sadly we had delay after delay actually getting around to recording this album and then when we finally got into it we were working around Psycroptic’s touring haha. There is also a few bits of Flash’s writing on the album too which adds a nice contrast.

How do you rate this album against The Light and Necromamcer?

This is our best album ever! That’s what you’re supposed to say yeah? Haha. But seriously, I personally believe that it’s incredible. Working with Joe Haley who lets us run wild with overdubs and doesn’t question us when we want to do layers upon layers of finger clicks, combined with Lord Tim’s mixing and guidance has been perfect for us. The production is phenomenal, the tracks are catchy as fuck and we tried some new things musically and artistically. Usually I’m pretty sick of the songs after months of recording them, but since we got the final masters the cd hasn’t left my car! Any indication on a release date and title as yet? We’re looking at around the middle of the year. The last two album releases we’ve kinda rushed into, probably out of excitement more than anything, but this time we’ve planned our moves a bit better and have a really detailed plan. It will be worth the wait though.


You’re playing the Legions Of Steel festival in late May, is that part of a tour for the album?

It might be. It might not be. You’ll just have to wait and see won’t you haha. You had a big year touring wise in 2016 playing Stormrider, Legions Of Steel and Steel Assassins as well as a national support spot with Nightwish as well as your own shows, will 2017 see similar touring schedule, once the album is released? Well I’m pretty sure Nightwish aren’t coming back, and we’re not allowed to be the #MAINEVENT of Steel Assassins again, but it will be pretty similar haha. Back in the day we used to just jump at every offer we got to travel, but nowadays we’re a lot more smart about what we do. It’s fun as hell to travel, but we have to come all the way from Tassie and we’re not in the business of losing money anymore haha. With this album we have literally planned out every stage of the build up and promo and have a master plan of what we want to accomplish and where we want to go. Hopefully it will be a very productive 12 months.


You often refer to yourselves as the “Best Friends Brigade” how long have you been mates and together?

Some say too long, but that’s just mostly Dave. He actually used to hate JB and myself when we were in high school. He was a year above us and we were just too badass and he was just super jealous of us I assume. Who knows? But JB and I have known each other since we were 13 and are now going on 28, so it’s been a while. I think this current lineup has been going about 7-8 years now and we just click really. We annoy the fuck out of each other, but we know each other’s breaking points after all these years haha.


You’ve covered Iron Maiden and Metallica live a bit this year any chance that one of those tracks makes it on to the album as a bonus track?

We have recorded our take on an absolute classic track for the album, but no, it’s not Maiden or Metallica. It’s not even a by a metal band to be honest and after having a look on YouTube we couldn’t find anything remotely similar to what we’ve done. It’ll be very divisive I reckon haha. Some people get a bit funny when you play around with an absolute classic haha. Only time will tell though I guess.

Where did the name “Taberah” come from?

Well back in high school when we performed at lunch time concerts and whatnot we were just referred to as “Jono’s Band” haha. There isn’t much of a story behind it after that. We needed a band name, JB was looking through some literature, pulled out a bible for some reason and found the word “TABERAH”. It’s means “burning” in Hebrew I believe.

Taberah Facebook Page 

Taberah Big Cartel

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