Ten Minutes With Anthony Fox From Temtris


Hey Fox, thanks for your time mate,  firstly, a brief history of Temtris?

Genevieve Rodda (Vocals) and I formed Temtris around 2002. We had the usual difficulties beginning bands encounter trying to find like-minded musicians in the early days, but we still managed to record and release two albums – Threshold (which was self released, and available only at our live shows), and, after joining with Battlegod Productions, Masquerade.

It was 10 years or so of great memories and frustration, Genevieve and I held on to our dreams and fought through the bullshit, because each time, Temtris emerged a more powerful entity – I sometimes wonder if we should’ve called the band Phoenix (It inspired a song on the latest album!)

Finally in 2012, we had established a line-up that was starting to deliver. The reputation of the band was gathering momentum. We were able to complete a solid tour and then record and release our third album ‘Shallow Grave’ in 2014. With tracks such as ‘Slave to the System’, and ‘Shallow Grave’ quickly achieving high rotation on metal radio stations worldwide we were playing to bigger and bigger audiences, culminating in a performance that earned us rave reviews in front of over 1,000 metalheads in support of German metal legends ‘Accept’ at Sydney’s Factory Theatre.

Working to this level of intensity is not for the faint hearted and 2015 began with another big shuffle of musicians but this time we had the momentum to keep rolling on and in 2016 we recorded and released our fourth album ‘Enter the Asylum’. The album received excellent reviews and the Enter the Asylum tour was the biggest and best so far.

With the Album out for a while now and the tour pretty much over, what’s next for Temtris

We are trying to get to a few places that were missed on the original tour in Australia and then we hope to take advantage of some offers of overseas shows. In amongst all that we are hard at work writing album number 5!

Who were/are your biggest influences in becoming a musician?

My early years was spent copying composers like Mike Oldfield on an old piano before I switched to guitar in high school and started playing along to Iron Maiden, Metallica, Helloween, Kreator and the like. I have always been drawn to the heavier and darker end of the musical spectrum, but mostly I enjoy music that has some element of emotional connection and storytelling. This is what drives my own compositional style when writing for Temtris and also my guitar playing

If you (Temtris) could support one band in one venue, who would it be and why?

Difficult to say. Temtris is so diverse in sound that we are a good match for a lot of different heavy metal bands. At a pinch I’d go for Flotsam & Jetsam as a good match – venue? Very tough. Somewhere where we can take advantage of a huge and professionally operated P.A. and lighting rig and we can play our full show, then get into the crowd with all our friends and party hard.


I hear writing has started on a new album, is that something that will come to life in 2017, and with Mitch and Taso now in the band have they had an input to new material?

It’s too early to start setting dates for the next release as yet, but it is progressing well. We have the potential to produce a quality album every year, but sadly not the time or financial support. Taso (Drummer) and Mitch (Bass player) are highly talented musicians and are already heavily involved in the songwriting process. It’s early stages, as I said, but it’s hard not to be excited by the skill and energy of the musicians I am working with at the moment. Standing on stage in front of a rhythm section featuring Taso and Mitch, shredding through the riffs and solos with a guitarist of the quality of big Hoff, and screaming with the crowd as Genevieve Rodda belts out the vocals is just amazing.

Thanks for your time mate, hope to catch up with you soon

Great to chat with you. Thanks to you for all your hard work and the support you give to the heavy metal bands and the wider music community. See you out there! \m/ \m/

Temtris Facebook 

Temtris Website 

Photos by MickG Photogrpahy

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